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Life’s beauty, wisdom, and happiness are reflected in the eyes of our children . . .  

All my activity supports raising harmonious children and helps a family to create a solid foundation for a successful and happy life based on the best human qualities and family values.

Over 20 year’s professional experience in educations programs, creative workshops, training art programs for developing talents for unique abilities, ecology culture and communicative skills for children & adults (Feelings – Emotions – Thinking – Actions – Result*), as well as project management, management, business development and develop the system of professional growing in companies. Author and illustrator books, plays for theater, movie’s scripts, and TV children’s programs. >>>

My story

I live in a wonderful place, South Burlington Vermont in the United StatesMy childhood time was in a village in the beautiful Far East of Russia. My house had a very small size as a little room. But my Mom showed me our big amazing World and also gave me big freedom in my heart . . .

She gave me an amazing feeling for the beauty and wisdom of our Nature and for Life. On warm summer evenings, I sat with my Mom on the porch, looked at the stars and listened to her stories. It always seemed to me that Nature hears what you say and wants to speak with you.

I wrote my first story at seven. It was a fairy tale about a rooster who liked to get up very early. This was my first literary experience.  I’ve had always painted and the pages of my elementary, high school and university notebooks inevitably turned into paintings. 

I was educated at agriculture, biology, chemistry, ecology universities programs, and at  SI-coaching programs. I became a teacher, trainer, and coach. I worked in different places with varying responsibilities and continued the best traditions of education in my family’s generations. I moved to many locations, living in a small village and in a huge metropolis and always I had colors, a pen and a piece of paper.

I have the happy experience of being a mom to two sons and a daughter.  It was for them that I started to create my first fairy tales.  When they were small their room was turned into an amazing theater and big art studio. 

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Gradually,  step by step, there were books, magazine articles, projects, plays, scripts for TV, paintings and art classes. In the fact that I created as a teacher, coach, writer, and artist, I have always tried to show how important is related to Nature and how much our happiness is related to feelings of Nature. 

When people asked me where I found my ideas I simply said. “I have in my heart my amazing happy child who loves our Nature, can exclaim in wonder,  “Wow . . . It is so interesting!”  and also has a lot of questions “Why?” 🙂

My Thanks

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way . . .  and when we feel supported, we can create the best.
I am grateful to my amazing mother, who gave me unconditional love, helped make me feel free in my heart and who gave me wise support in the upbringing of my children! 
I am grateful to my beloved husband Joff, who admires me with his wisdom and kind heart, and who supports me in everything!
I am grateful for our big wonderful family who live in two hemispheres of our Earth and who always support each other! 
I am grateful to my friends and partners for kindness, wisdom, and support!
I appreciate that you have come to my website!                                                                   

Professional experience >>>

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And . . . 
I’m just a happy wife, mother, and grandmother! I love to ski, swim and do yoga. 


My lovely husband Joff and I began to learn to surf. Wow . . .  🙂

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With love Olga  Verasen

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