Why did this page appear?
– the law of “communicating vessels” applies in all spheres of life, that we can share with our children only what we ourselves have;
– our children grow too quickly to delay in learning and applying new and effective knowledge;
– parent-child relations are so important anywhere in our country, our continent, or our planet; regardless of profession, age, or status.

That is why “Articles and Practical tips” appeared.  I was helped in creating it from my knowledge in the fields of pedagogy and psychology, coaching, biology as well as my personal experience of being a daughter of an amazing mother, mother of three children, and a grandmother of two.

Here you will find games, practices, questions, and exercises that will help you develop happier relationships in your family by supporting your personal development in more harmonious parenting.

These games, exercises, and questions are easy to perform at home and even when commuting or traveling. What is important is that all improvements in our life are the result of conscious actions. And conscious actions are the result of putting knowledge into practice.

And . . . When I listen: “Olga, what if my child is already . . . 15, 25, 35 years old and older? Is it too late?”, I reply: “It is never too late!”
We will always be parents, and our relationship with our children is a constant process of joint development and improvement.

Ask your questions, or write wishes. This will help me share with you what is most important and useful to you.
With love, Olga Verasen

Available soon 🙂

Happy Formula:
how to help your child
learn how to choose
their best feelings

Wizard’s Workshop:
how to help your child
learn to realize own
uniqueness and talent

Butterfly’s Mystery:
how to help your child
save emotional balance
and realize own potential

Captain and the ship:
how to help your child
think and act

Seven happy habits:
for you
and your child