Successful solution of parents’ questions brings an amazing warmth of mutual understanding to the home. I have started to put on this page answers to frequently asked questions that parents have had over the past 20 years.

They are short answers with the heroes from my books helping.  Together we will support you in your wonderful parenting journey with your many questions about raising your children. “How?” and “Why?”
If you have your own questions, please ask me.

Maybe when you first start to read my answers, you might say, “What are you talking about? That won’t work!”  However, give yourself time, re-read and let the information settle. . .

If we want to build a successful and happy future for our children, we need to support them how to listen to their heart.

Why is this so important? The heart knows who we are. . . It knows your unique lifestyle, your talents, what is a good or bad choice. . . If we listen to our own heart, instead of our mind, we follow our own right Way.

Does the heart know how to speak?
– Of course! Only you need to learn to hear it.
. . . . . . .
– The owner of his life always has the right to choose.
– And if I do not make my choice?
– Then, son, your choice will be made by others. — (page 72-73 “Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” >) 

Some parenting questions

  • How to find time to be parents?

    If we raise children through our mind we never have enough time. Why, because we take the position of teacher and we look for time and we also rate our children “good-bad”. If we raise children from our heart, we aren’t teachers always scheduling time. Instead, we enjoy amazing Time as we live, Together with our children. There is no teacher-student position so there can be continuous joint development and improvement.

“We aren’t the owner of our children. Our responsibility is to share with our children all that will support them to always be human.”

(“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” >

  • How to create mutual understanding with my children?

    First, find another child. The child in you. Then, ask your child “How are you? What do you feeling right now?” Always ask these question before a new activity. Your child is always with you — in your heart. Your child will help you build an understanding with your children.

“And you can see again that little girl who so loved to run after butterflies . . .  She has always been in your heart . . . “ (“Golden Palace, Way of Ruler” >

  • to be continued . . .

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With love, Olga Verasen