“The Adventures of Little Bird Why?” series will be in the 2019 year

(for children and parents age 0 +)

Every child has a lot of questions. This questions so important because our children open our World. I hope this book helps you and your children open our beautiful World together and also find answers on your parent’s questions “Why?” 🙂

The first book from this series will be in June.


  • Why Do I Need Wings?

. . . In our big World, there lives a little bird named “Why.” She has yellow fuzz for feathers because she is still small.

Little Bird Why wants to grow up and become a big bird, just like her Mother Bird and Father Bird.

Mother Bird and Father Bird tell her that if she eats well and runs fast, she will grow up to be a big, beautiful bird.

Little Bird Why can run fast, but sometimes she forgets to eat because she is always trying to find answers to her many questions…
“Why do trees grow?”
“Why do ants need a big house?”
“Why does it get cold in the winter?”
“Why do frogs croak?”

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

This fairy tale will be included in the second book in the “Magic book for children & parents-2”. This book will be available this year. 

“The Adventures of Little Bird Why?” series will continue. In 2019 you can see this series as separate books with an unusual drawing technique 🙂


With love Olga Verasen

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