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When people asked me where I found my ideas I simply said. “I have in my heart my amazing happy child who loves our Nature, can exclaim in wonder,  “Wow . . . It is so interesting!”  and also has a lot of questions “Why?” 🙂 

All my activity supports raising harmonious children and helps a family to create a solid foundation for a successful and happy life based on the best human qualities and family values and all my life story is also about that. 

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My Thanks

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way . . .  and when we feel supported, we can create the best.
I am grateful to my amazing mother, who gave me unconditional love, helped make me feel free in my heart and who gave me wise support in the upbringing of my children! 
I am grateful to my beloved husband Joff, who admires me with his wisdom and kind heart, and who supports me in everything!
I am grateful for our big wonderful family who live in two hemispheres of our Earth and who always support each other! 
I am grateful to my friends and partners for kindness, wisdom, and support!
I appreciate that you have come to my website!                                                              

And . . . 
I’m just a happy wife, mother, and grandmother! I love to ski, swim and do yoga. 

My lovely husband Joff and I began to learn to surf. Wow . . .  🙂

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With love Olga  Verasen

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Some photos from my archive 🙂