A new book is born soon… I started to develop my programs for parents and will open the online Academy of happy & successful parents very soon but at the same time, I continue to create a new book…

I was thinking “Olga, wait! Open Academy a little bit late. Publish your book the first, because you have huge content.” But I can’t because I listen to the same question from parents from a different place in our world.

The last words that listened some days ago show me-open! Our kids grow so quickly and that is our responsibility what we give than from our heart…

So the Academy in the Russian language will start in June, on the English language will open in September.

And the first pages and also an interview with parents you can see very soon. And the book of course…

That is my heart create for you… On June 12 a new book will be. Look website and shop. With love Olga 

And . . . I open some new recourse for your children. Welcome! 🙂

With love Olga Verasen

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