We live in an amazing colorful World . . . When we close our eyes, pause and then open them, we can deeply feel . . . We see an amazing variety of colors, shades, and vibrancy in a wonderful variety of subtle combinations. Each color carries its own energy. Scientists, from different branches, study this phenomenon. Artists intuitively give great attention to color as they create.

Color helps create emotional balance. We use it in our homes, offices, and our clothing.  When we create a positive world around us, we create the same world in ourselves. This pro-active effort affects our success and happiness. Feelings – Emotions – Thinking – Actions – Result* 

If the sun is limited or everyday worries are mounting, try adding bright positive colors to your life. It can be curtains on the windows, a throw on a couch, a painting, dishes or something else. Color will give you energy from just a smile to great joy in your heart.  Clean, bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and their various shades will create a wide range of amplitude and frequency waves that have positive health effects.

We can’t re-paint a bright blue sky on a cloudy day, but we can add a favorite color to the space in which we live . . . And when we create a harmonious space around ourselves, we start noticing that harmony exists in everything . . . Instead of focusing only on the gray sky, gray houses and color of the road, we can pay attention to the green grass that grows near and a barely noticeable shade of pink in the gray sky . . .  

Nature helps us see the harmony and beauty of our colorful World. All her colors help everyone to see the uniqueness and beauty of our world in ourselves and in every one of us. Just close your eyes, pause, and open . . . 

(from the manuscript “How can I find happiness for my Child?” ©>

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With love Olga Verasen

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